From "Queerying the Qu’ran? Sacred Ripping and the Holy Homonationalism"

"On the other hand, anti-religious secular fundamentalists, who ignore the deeply imbedded Christian thought in the secular west, dismiss likes of Perry as exceptions to the liberal secular rule and cast the Euro-American worldview as the secular opposition to Islam. If the Christian right seeks a return to Christian values, liberal secularism considers “scientific” reasoning and “objectivity,” performances of avant-garde artistic expression, freedom of speech, and rationality to be secular and free of religious “prejudice.” The liberal secular subject of American democracy is assumed to be prior to the dominant neoliberal discourses that produce the illusion of the self-governing free individual with a choice to be religious or irreligious.

And now more than ever, “queer” has come to mean ridding oneself of religious “prejudice” to be “free-thinking” and to be secular. If the religion-tolerant non-religious “queer” takes pride in the greatness of liberal secularism’s “freedom of speech,” while politely smiling at the religious other to be respectful according to the norms of American multiculturalism, the “politically-incorrect” queer takes an in-your-face approach to assert her/his secularism in the name of “freedom of speech.” The latter, the one who assumes to be miraculously (miracles of the secular kind) outside of every norm (while being complicit with norms such as homonationalism), takes it in his own hands to tear the Qur’an and stand/stomp on it naked to enlighten and liberate the backward Muslim, by proving through his missionary art that “it is just a book.” Hallelujah! The avant-garde queer artist has practiced his “freedom of speech,” or more precisely, hate speech, freely uttered in the name of freedom.

According to the queer liberatory reason, the practicing Muslim queer must be suffering from false-consciousness, is most likely unaware of human potential, or backward and traditional. Whatever the reason may be, the queer practicing Muslim is in need of liberation by the enlightened secular queer. Of course, through a teleological narrative of progress and Orientalistcollapse of the Middle East with religion, the Middle East comes to represent homophobia and queer death, while the “west” comes to stand for queer freedom and life. In this clash of freedom and unfreedom, the most sacred form of queer liberation comes in the guise of art. While critique has come to be secular (courtesy of Enlightenment), it is secular queer art that is exempt from critique, for no free-thinking liberated modern queer would “censor” artistic expression! Here is when religious text is not sacred (“Get over it, it’s just a book!”), but secular art is (“Do not suffocate artistic expression and freedom!”).”